What will you get for your Money?

For a flight on a Virgin Galactic suborbital flight you can expect to pay around $250,000 and to join a large waiting list. Their aim is to drop the price to below $200,000 long term and to make it more accessible for everyone, not just the rich. For your money you will strap in for a flight with 5 other passengers on board SpaceShipTwo while WhiteKnightTwo carries you to the height of 50,000 feet. 50,000 feet is considered to be the safe level for SpaceShipTwo to take over with it’s rocket engines capable of carrying you to 360,000 feet. At this altitude you will experience the curvature of the earth, the blackness of space and around five minutes of weightlessness. And one of the coolest parts – you and the other passengers will earn official astronaut status…so you can swap stories with Buzz Aldrin when you bump into him next.


The question is not when will private space flight become reality. That will happen before you have a new iPhone 8, the question is when will it be safe enough for you to want to fork out $100’000 to $200’000 for a flight to the edge of space?

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