5 Essential Apps All Dog Owners Need To Download

Published on 03/01/2021

Nowadays, basically, everything is available to us via a simple touch or click of a button. So when it comes to our furry friends – it’s no different! Thanks to modern technology, now there are numerous, amazing applications that are available to make a dog owner’s life a lot easier.  From training tips to safekeeping of medical records, we’ve got all your needs covered. Keep reading to find out which are the 5 essential apps all dog owners need to have.

5 Essential Apps All Dog Owners Need To Download


Pawprint is one of the best applications to store your dog’s medical information – all in one place. However, Pawprint also allows you to store other things like reminders, vaccine schedules, weight information, and even adorable photos of your pup! This amazing application has been very highly rated and comes with a lot of excellent reviews from owners all over the world.


If you and your dog love to socialize then BarkHappy is the app for you! This great app allows people to discover a community of other dog owners that are located nearby. It’s full of super features that make finding other doggy pals so simple. One of the best things about BarkHappy is that it provides quite a detailed map that displays local dog-friendly places that you as the owner can bring your loyal coming, these include, restaurants, parks, and hotels. This app is said to be one of the best apps for all dog lovers who are looking to build a pooch community.


We all know the struggle of wanting to leave the city for a few days or go on a relaxing vacation but cant because you have the worry of leaving your dog alone. Now you don’t have to agonize any longer, there’s a wonderful app called DogVacay! This has been described as an Airbnb for dogs as this application helps you find a real home-away-from-home for your best friend when you want to catch a break. And all of this is fully available at the simple touch of a button. What’s even more amazing is that you can even receive updates from your dog…well the dog sitter.


Next up we have one of the greatest apps that is available at the moment and it’s called WeRescue. Available on both iOs and Android, the app has been designed to make pet parenting so much easier and less complex than many people believe. Let us explain just how this awesome app works. So, it’s kinda like a dating app but of course, for people who are looking for an adorable dog. You, as the soon-to-be pet parent get the opportunity to swipe through all the pets pictured until they think they have found the most perfect match. What’s even more amazing is that WeRescue allows you to search for the love of your life by browsing different filters such as personality, dog breed, size, and age.


Puppr is a fairly new application but became extremely popular during the last 4 years. Not only is the app free but is available on both Android and iOs. But the question is exactly does it work? So, for starters, it includes step-by-step photo instructions and a built-in clicker to help you train your dog. From basic obedience to advanced circus tricks, the lessons cover everything, both you and your pooch will have so much fun with over 50 tricks to choose from.  Don’t forget to set your daily training reminder to keep things consistent.