The Future of Urban Transportation

The Hyperloop

Unlike SkyTran, the Hyperloop looks to solve the problems associated with intra city transportation by getting you from point A to point B at the speed of sound in a tube – and all on land.

The Hyperloop - Credit : Elon Musk/SpaceX
The Hyperloop – Credit : Elon Musk/SpaceX

Elon Musk, SpaceX and Teslar Motors CEO, originally proposed the idea of the Hyperloop in 2013 and it really was an idea that made people sit up and take notice. After all, it proposes travelling at the speed of sound without flying. Critics and fans alike had to admire the vision of the modern day tech mogul, designer, innovator and CEO. His proposal involved pressurized pods shooting through tubes elevated off the ground, or in a subterranean subway. Much like an air hockey puck, the pods float on a cushion of air and are driven along by solar powered electromagnetic pulses at speeds of 760 mph (1,220 km/h).

Musk has stated that the Hyperloop is ideal for travelling between big and congested cities that are within 900 miles. This translates to commuters travelling between LA and San Francisco in 30 minutes or Melbourne to Sydney in 40 minutes. His vision was based around solving issues associated with conventional transportation. He wanted to create a system that was faster, safer for passengers, more affordable, convenient, not affected by the weather and solar or self powered. Musk was also a huge critic of the $60 billion dollar Californian high-speed rail system, famously claiming that his design could be built for $6 billion.

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