The Future of Urban Transportation

For the last century we have used the same modes of mass transportation with very few great leaps in innovation. Cars, trains, trams, boats and planes have been the only options we’ve had to travel about in our daily lives. It’s amazing to think that no game changing innovations have popped up for so long. That may all be about to change though. Two transport systems on different sides of the world are potentially going to reshape the way we look at urban transportation for ever.

The SkyTran in Tel Aviv

The SkyTran
The SkyTran

Israel has always been an innovative country with a huge amount of tech resources at their disposal. Now a massive Israeli defense contractor has moved into a very futuristic and incredibly exciting project to build the first aerial transport system of it’s type in the world. We are not talking boring old monorails, gondolas or trains here – these are 2 person egg shaped pods travelling at speeds of up to 150 mph on a magnetic levitation system around the streets of Tel Aviv.

This is not a brand new idea, the concept was first floated in the early 1990’s, however this will be a landmark experiment in a very busy city that could reshape how we look at public transport in the future. The prototype will be built on the campus of Aerospace Industries, it will be 12 km long and initially the proposed top speed will be 44 mph, though it’s estimated the system could reach 150 mph (240 kmh) and carry approximately 12,000 passengers per hour on one track.

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