Rule the Road: 10 Super Cars EVERY Man Desires

Vector W8

In life we can pretty safely say that the phrase “more is better” rings true. However, when it comes to Supercars this is absolutely, unequivocally false. The more rare and exotic the ride, the better. We don’t want a cookie cutter car and neither should you. That is why we are opening our list with the Vector W8. This is a rare, hidden gem of an exotic vehicle. Only 19 of these bad boys were built from 1990 to 1993 and if you want one of your own you’ll have to fork out over $500,000 for the opportunity. If speed is your game then you can’t beat its top speed of 200MPH. With twin turbos, a boost that could dial up to 14lbs, and an engine that pumped out 1200HP, you know you can’t do better. Well, we guess you can actually. There are 9 more cars that are up to the task.

Vector W8
Vector W8

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