The Best Phone Gadgets Of 2021

Published on 05/30/2021

Are you a fan of tech and new gadgets? Then you definitely have to continue reading! In this article, you will find the most popular and new gadgets for your phone.

The Best Phone Gadgets Of 2021


Apple Magsafe Charger

With the new Magsafe charger by Apple, there will be no need for many cables anymore. All you need is the wireless charging pad, that you can simply attach to your IPhone or Airpods and it will be charged in no time. The elegant looking charging tool, is compatible with Air Pods, Air Pod Pros, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone 8 etc. If you had enough of charging with cables, you definitely should get yourself the great Apple Magsafe charger.

Razer Kishi Controller

The next gadget is perfect for every gamer out there! The Razer Kishi gaming controller, is bringing the gaming gadgets to a new level. The controller is foldable and therefore, is perfect to take it with you all the time. The controller features a USB-C, two control sticks, a D-pad, and four button arrays on the right and on the left. The Razer Kinish controller, will give allow you to have a wonderful gaming experience, no matter where you are!

Selfie Light Ring

With Instagram and co. good selfies are essential. A great phone gadget, that will allow you to make the best selfies possible, is the “Selfie Light Ring”. The selfie ring has 3 color modes an 8-inch ring light and 11 brightness levels. You can easily attach the ring to your phone and you are ready to have a photoshoot no matter where you are or what you do!

Gear Beast Universal Cell Phone Lanyard

The “Gear Beast Universal Cell Phone Lanyard”, is the perfect gadget for people who tend to lose their phone, or simply just do not like to carry their phones in their hands all the time. The “Gear Beast”, is a gadget, that allows you to carry your phone around the neck. This is super helpful in many life situations. No matter if you are doing sport, or running errands and want to check something on your phone quickly. From now on you don’t need to search for your phone anymore.

Shava Night Light Bluetooth Speaker

The “Shava Night Light Bluetooth Speaker”, is not only a speaker but also a beautiful light LED mood lamp. The speaker lets change its color through touch control and is also a wireless Bluetooth speaker. Great music combined with relaxing light is the perfect way to fall asleep.

Polaroide Mobile Photo Mini Printer

Have you ever taken such a cute selfie that you wanted to print it out right away? If so, then you definitely should buy the “Polaroid Mobile Photo Mini Printer”. The advice is connectable to every phone and lets you easily print out your favorite pictures, wherever you are!

Sleep Headphone Mask

The Sleep Headphone Mask is the perfect phone gadget to relax and recharge. The sleeping mask, that blocks every inch of light that might prevent you from falling asleep, also allows you to listen to music without the need of actual headphones.