Back to the Future II Predicted These 7 Amazing Things About The Year 2015

Sadly, we haven’t quite made it, but we might be closer than you think. The guys over at Terrafugia and Aeromobil have made some very impressive leaps towards making this dream a reality. They aren’t the hovering, street take off type you see in the movies, they’re more like a car meets plane product, but I’m sure you’d agree they are very impressive feats of engineering. It seems like we are inching closer towards the futuristic flying car dream after all.

Fax Machines in 2015


They weren’t wrong in this predication. Fax machines are still found in most offices, I don’t know what they are used for, but they are usually there. In a scene from the movie a fax message is sent with the words ‘you’re fired’ written. It wasn’t entirely inaccurate, but the directors missed a beat with this prediction, especially given their other impressive communications picks with video calls and telephone glasses.

Dehydrated Food

It seemed so futuristic at the time, rehydrating an unrecognizable food product and producing a hot piece of pizza in seconds, but they got this one wrong. We’re such an organic, quinoa, soy latte consuming culture these days that we’ve actually gone in the other direction with our eating habits. That’s not to say that NASA haven’t been using this technology, but rehydrating food for astronauts is not a new concept and the movie missed the mark with this prediction.

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