Back to the Future II Predicted These 7 Amazing Things About The Year 2015

Video Calls + Flat Screen TV


Video Calls

Considering this movie was made in the 1989, the prediction of video conferencing was very impressive. In the movie, McFly Junior is speaking with his boss on a teleconference call, also on a flat screen TV from his living room. This is a very accurate representation of how we are today with Skype, Facetime, and Google Hangouts…it’s an amazing pick from the Directors, especially considering brick mobile phones were in fashion in 1989.

TV / Phone Glasses


In the movie one of the characters answers a telephone call at the dinner table on her glasses, she is also watching TV on this device at the same time. This is not a combination we can find on the market today, nor would we want it, but the producers did get one half of the equation right. Google Glasses are a very close match to this product and the directors were spot on with their depiction of the dinner table scene where everyone is distracted with different pieces of technology.


Director Robert Zemeckis and Steve Jobs were probably the only guys who had dreamt of the tablet in 1989. In another one of Back to The Future II’s most accurate predictions, there is a scene where Marty is asked by an old guy to sign a petition (on a tablet) to save the clock tower. The tablet he is holding thicker than today’s products, but is an impressive forecast into the future.

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