10 Incredible Futuristic Technologies That Exist Now!

Jet Packs

Boba Fett opened up our eyes to the coolness of jetpacks back in the late ’70s and early ’80s in the film Star Wars and we haven’t let go of that gleam in our eyes since. Now it looks like jetpacks are going to be a reality all over the globe sooner than we may think. Martin Aircraft has taken it upon themselves to develop a jetpack that will retail at near $100,000 total. In exchange for a cool $100 grand customers will get a jetpack that can put them into the air for upwards of half of an hour at a time. Don’t let your mind get caught up in those hydro jet packs that show goofs in boardshorts crashing into the water. This jetpack is for real and it’ll have you zooming around your neighborhood like a boss. The machine itself works with a pair of giant fans that are designed to lift you off of the ground. Handheld controls guide you as you show off the most bizarre purchase in the neighborhood.

Jet Packs
Jet Packs

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