10 Incredible Futuristic Technologies That Exist Now!

The Internet

We have a sort of generation blindness toward the things that we’ve grown up with. So for all of the people who grew up with the internet as a daily part of their lives, there is no proper appreciation for what it actually is. The internet wirelessly can connect you with anyone, anywhere, at any time and through this connection you can share data, stream your image/voice, and perform essentially any function that you could possibly want. From dedicated servers being erected in remote parts of the world to the dedicated web server package you can buy from the store, the internet is now everywhere — and it’s something we shouldn’t take for granted. We literally have unlimited knowledge at our fingertips. For reference, at one point in time even books were considered rare. Next time you complain about slow WiFi make sure to take a moment to really get things in perspective.

The Internet
The Internet

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