10 Incredible Futuristic Technologies That Exist Now!

If you go back and read science fiction novels written fifty years ago you would see that some of the ‘dream technologies’ that the writers developed have become real today. Still, we don’t feel like we are living in the future. The current generation never really admires their technology until the next generation starts to develop even more. So knowing that we don’t appreciate, or even realize, how futuristic our world currently is we decided to do something about it. We scoured the internet to find ten of the most incredible, futuristic technologies that seem like something pulled straight from a science fiction movie. The only difference is that these ten technologies are actually real. Keep reading to have your mind blown by the power of human engineering and a concerted tech industry.

3D Printers

The Star Trek television series is a seminal part of every geek’s childhood. Whether you grew up with the television series or made the jump into the fandom thanks to the J.J. Abrams reboot, Star Trek has acted as a predictor of future technology. One of the most impressive pieces of technology from the television show was the Replicator technology utilized by the crew of the Enterprise. In the show a Replicator could conjure up just about anything you wanted: even special cocktails! Nowadays we don’t have a magical device that creates something from nothing, per se, but we do have impressive 3D printers. 3D printers, which you can learn about with an online instructional technology degree, can create jewelry, food, and even replacement body parts!

3D Printers
3D Printers

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