10 Crazy Tech Gadgets to Change Your Texting!

Published on 12/08/2016

It’s the year 2015 and texting has gotten completely out of control. Texting has become such an important part of our day to day lives that there are companies out there who are working trade shows and trade show promotions in order to get their weird, but kind of cool text-enhancing technology on the marketplace. Some of the stuff that we saw ended up being pretty cool but other stuff was just downright weird. Keep on reading to learn about 10 crazy tech gadgets that will REDEFINE how you text your buddies.

Mobile Visor

If you appreciated the Brolly Texting Umbrella but didn’t want to commit to such a big, flamboyant piece of tech then you can opt for the so-simple it’s silly Mobile Visor. This device clips on to the top of your phone to immediately negate any effects of glare, or prying eyes, as you read or text your friends and family. The visor is simple to attach, simple to remove, and easy on the wallet which makes it one of the best texting gifts you can get yourself or a friend who needs one of these trade show items in their life.

Mobile Visor

Mobile Visor

Agloves – Texting Gloves

Fashion and function collide with these specialized texting gloves built by the company AGLOVES. Agloves knows that texting in the cold can be a pain in the butt. Between your hands freezing and your screen not registering touches, texts can go sideways with a quickness. That is why these lightweight, attractive gray gloves make such a perfect gift for yourself or friends who just have to be on the phone. Affordable and efficient, Agloves works with any touch screen device and we find that they are completely capable with even the most touchy of smart phone. Unisex, hand knitted, and timeless in style — these gloves can change your text game completely.

The Brolly Texting Umbrella

You might have gotten the idea from Agloves, but now you’ll really know how big of a problem the weather can be when it comes time to do things on your phone. Whether it is rain, snow, sleet, or even just a sun glare the weather outside can make reading your phone display, and using it, a pretty tough situation. Fortunately Brolly leaped in to save the day with their texting umbrella. This umbrella is, well, it isn’t exactly the height of outdoor fashion but it will keep your screen weather free and easy to see. Merely attach it to your case and get to work texting away. Once you get used to the broad coverage and clean screen it will be hard to leave it at home. Of course, you’ll still want to. I mean, it’s kind of weird to carry an umbrella around everywhere when it isn’t raining.

The eLago Stylus

Older tech fans may remember the days before true touch screen was in action. We had to use our Blackberry’s and Palm Pilots that relied on stylus pens to do their job. Then we complained long enough and got the innovative touch screen from Apple and now we’re complaining again, if you can believe it, because we want to use our old stylus’s again! Enter eLago, a specialized stylus that can clip right onto your iPhone. This stylus is specially designed with a soft tip and narrow diameter in order to keep your taps on target. The stylus itself looks classy, is light weight, while staying incredibly accurate when you are clicking away at your screen. With a one year warranty and a price tag under $10 you can’t go wrong here.