10 Incredible Futuristic Technologies That Exist Now!

Published on 01/27/2017

If you go back and read science fiction novels written fifty years ago you would see that some of the ‘dream technologies’ that the writers developed have become real today. Still, we don’t feel like we are living in the future. The current generation never really admires their technology until the next generation starts to develop even more. So knowing that we don’t appreciate, or even realize, how futuristic our world currently is we decided to do something about it. We scoured the internet to find ten of the most incredible, futuristic technologies that seem like something pulled straight from a science fiction movie. The only difference is that these ten technologies are actually real. Keep reading to have your mind blown by the power of human engineering and a concerted tech industry.

3D Printers

3D Printers

The Internet

We have a sort of generation blindness toward the things that we’ve grown up with. So for all of the people who grew up with the internet as a daily part of their lives, there is no proper appreciation for what it actually is. The internet wirelessly can connect you with anyone, anywhere, at any time and through this connection you can share data, stream your image/voice, and perform essentially any function that you could possibly want. From dedicated servers being erected in remote parts of the world to the dedicated web server package you can buy from the store, the internet is now everywhere — and it’s something we shouldn’t take for granted. We literally have unlimited knowledge at our fingertips. For reference, at one point in time even books were considered rare. Next time you complain about slow WiFi make sure to take a moment to really get things in perspective.


If you grew up on a steady diet of cartoons and Japanese anime then you are well familiar with mecha and their role in in the public zeitgeist. Well, we don’t have gigantic Gundams flying around and saving the world but the United States military has already put significant money and intel into developing military exoskeletons for use in combat. Right now Raytheon is leading the way in the development of exoskeletons with their Sarcos XOS. The XOS is a mechanical suit that is worn by a soldier. The suit, which can be used for work or combat, gives the soldier incredible strength as well as the ability to move great distances at a minimal speed. Right now the XOS is still in its advanced production stages with the company looking to improve upon the fueling methods of the suit. While Exosuits, like those seen in Starship Troopers, are never going to become the everyday norm for the military, due to price, they could begin to change the way we look at our infantry.

Self Driving Cars

If you watched the film Minority Report or even Total Recall then you are familiar with the ’80s concept of what the future would be. A heavy aspect of these films was how automation has taken over our day to day duties, including the driving of our cars. Self driving cars are now a reality thanks to the hard tech workers at company’s like Google. Google is in the advanced stages of getting their self driving vehicle on the road though they are pretty close lipped as to the actual specifications of the car itself. Utilizing an array of cameras and satellites, self driving cars could change the way we look at transportation.