What The Future Of Gaming Looks Like

A Shift in Gaming Platforms

OK, so you are not ready to ditch your PS4 controller for a goofy VR headset just yet, and fair enough. But will we still be plugging into big chunky consoles in years to come?

Turns out things are changing, and your console could be on it’s last legs too. New platforms like Amazon’s FireTV allow you to play games and stream media, while game streaming services like OnLive offer a simple software service. There are a bunch of other companies offering something in between, this all translates to big changes. Games will be made, sold and played differently and this will mean cheaper gaming for everyone.




With OnLive you simply download some software and then you have access to hundreds of games that you can play on your PC or laptop. Think Netflix. But you don’t need a powerful device because all of the processing is handled by OnLive’s servers. The result is up to 720p HD quality – depending on your internet connection, of course. OnLive says the absolute minimum is 2Mb/s, but recommends 5Mb/s for HD gameplay. By paying around $10/month you will have access to all of their games and your game will be streamed to the HDMI port in your TV. It really that simple. If you have a good internet connection that’s all you will ever need.

Open Source Gaming



Onya is another Kickstarter success story. They raised $10 million, almost ten times what they asked for, in 2012. The platform is dedicated to independent games. This means developers don’t have to jump through hoops to develop XBox and PlayStation games or sign over their earnings to Onya. Because it’s based on Android, you will be able to play games from your portable devices too. And the best part is that all games have to start out as free.
The gaming world is changing as we speak, 2015 won’t be any different, but a big shake up is coming soon.

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