What The Future Of Gaming Looks Like

Microsoft went and surprised everyone this year when they released the HoloLens. 3D AR holographic gaming in a completely self contained headset device. It’s hot off the press, but Microsoft demonstrated a man playing Minecraft in his lounge room and woman messing around with a toolkit in an office space. Pretty cool stuff, but we have no idea what it’s like to play with yet.


Problems with AR vs VR

The one big limitation with AR v.s VR is that in a VR world you have limitless gaming possibilities. In VR world developers can create a complex scene with a huge amount of pathways and options for gamers to explore – each with their own unique outcomes and challenges. In an AR world though, you are limited by the space you play in. Lets say it’s your lounge room and that it’s 15ft x 15ft, the walls are the confines or where your gameplay must stay. OK, so you can go down the corridor and into a bedroom, but once you’ve been into those rooms a bunch of times it’s going to get a little repetitive. It’s kind of niche and new, but hardcore gamers will take VR over AR any day.


Vr Apps

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