What The Future Of Gaming Looks Like

Oculus Rift is the new kid on the block of VR gaming. The Rift is wired for gaming with your PC. The Kickstarter funded headset was recently purchased by Facebook for $2 billion. Feedback from the E3 2014 (industry gaming) show was that everyone from industry heavyweights down to your regular nerd were pumped after using it. Some used the analogy that it was like using an iPhone for the first time. Some criticisms of the headset were that it can make you nauseous due to the strong effect the peripherals have on the experience.

There are other big players in VR, one is GameFace Labs. Their headset is a wireless unit running off android VR operating system. GameFace have positioned themselves as a more flexible option due to their open VR-based user interface. This allows other hardware, including phones, to integrate into the device.

Previously VR gaming was more of an arcade like, and crappy experience, that most of us have tried but not rated. The main point is that these companies are kicking down new doors and gamers should be very impressed with the huge leap forward that VR gaming will provide.

Augmented Reality Gaming



Virtual reality creates a new world for players to explore, augmented reality overlays visuals and information into the real world all around us. Most people are familiar with, or know of Google Glass, this uses augmented reality. Imagine playing games around your house with graphics overlaid on real world objects. Maybe you will score points for jumping on imaginary mushrooms in your lounge room, or for perfectly cutting a carrot. Hunt and shoot creatures hiding around your house or backyard. It might seem odd, but it’s a big space that is still relatively untapped and industry experts are tipping everyone to watch this space.

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