What The Future Of Gaming Looks Like

The gaming industry, and gamers alike, are waiting for that next big thing to come along. That next big innovation that will transform the face of gaming as we know it. Each year the same big names roll out new iterations of existing products, and sure, these are nice, but they aren’t in any danger of reinventing the wheel. Aside from Nintendo, who have been trend makers over the years with the Wii and the (not so hot yet) Wii U, things are a little stale.

Game makers are in this state of flux because there is big bucks to be made selling games to last-gen console users. Early adopter gamers who go out and buy a next-gen product will typically suffer a big time lag before game makers commit to releasing their major titles to a new platform. So, gamers end up enduring the slow release of new hardware and games.

What is the next new gaming experience?

Virtual Reality Headsets

Virtual Reality Headsets
Virtual Reality Headsets

This is the most exciting space that everyone is talking about right now, virtual reality gaming. It’s not just creating hype in the gaming world, but the tech sector as a whole. VR is not a new concept, but no one has mastered it or brought a worthy product to market yet, until now that is.

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