Top 10 Most Exciting Smartphones of 2016!

iPhone 7

Apple has become more than just a brand, they have become a status symbol. No matter what opinion you may have of Apple or the business phones that they offer, you have to admit that there is something seemingly important simply in owning one of their phones. This September we should see one of the world’s most popular tech companies release their next phone: the iPhone 7. At this point in time there hasn’t been much in the way of details leaked regarding the phone. What we do know is that the phone is likely to be stronger, more durable, and potentially even waterproof to a certain degree. We expect an improved screen resolution and multiple options in terms of screen size (4.7 inch and 5.5 inch). There are also rumors bubbling around that Apple plans to ditch the headphone socket for a Lightning port. We’ll see. Regardless of the upgrades or lack thereof we fully expect the iPhone 7 to be the best selling smartphone on the year.

iPhone 7
iPhone 7

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