8 Must Have Useful Free Apps for Your iPhone


Getting healthy is so much more than just going to the gym and sweating for an hour or so. If you want to see real, tangible, changes in both your lifestyle and your body’s appearance then you need to add an app like Fitocracy to your iOS library. Fitocracy is a free app that helps users plan their workouts, stick to a goal, and push ever onward as they try to become the best version of themselves possible. Track your reps, weights, times, and caloric intake all with the tapping of a few buttons. There are in app purchases that allow you to work with expert trainers as you guide your body toward your destination. There are Fitocracy communities all over the web that serve as powerful motivators for people who struggle to keep up with their programs. There are also free workout routines that come with the initial app download that can get you kickstarted. Fitocracy is the answer to Fitnotes on the Android and it is a wonderfully sleek application.


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