8 Must Have Useful Free Apps for Your iPhone


Maybe we thank piracy for the evolution in online music streaming or maybe it’s just a part of the evolution in technology. No matter who you want to thank, make sure you get your hands on the Spotify iOS application. Ever since Spotify hit the marketplace this music streaming application has been killing it. With all of the music you could possibly want to listen to available at the click of a button, what’s not to like? There are two different versions of Spotify available on the iOS marketplace. There is the free version which as advertisements and also prevents users from downloading songs for offline use. If you opt instead to pay for the other version of Spotify you will have no ads during your experience and you will be able to download songs for consumption even when you are offline or have your mobile data off. Either way, there is no other music app like this out there that is even worth mentioning. So get Spotify soon!


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