8 Must Have Useful Free Apps for Your iPhone

The iPhone is taking over the world, well, kind of. From a social and technological perspective it seems like everyone will have an iOS device at some point. That makes it pretty reasonable that the iOS application marketplace is going to be booming too. In order to help new iOS owners out we decided to curate 8 of the most useful apps around, so check ’em out!


At some point in time you probably had the daydream of being multilingual and impressing all of your friends, right? No? Well, we did… And that’s where Duolingo comes into play. As we are no longer in school anymore we really can’t rely on taking a ton of Spanish or French classes in order to impress anyone anymore. Duolingo is a great solution that helps you learn a new language (from a list of 10 options!) in just your spare time. With easy to perform quizzes, real life applicable sentence education, and a point system that keeps you yearning to learn more there is no better and faster way to become proficient! Duolingo is a fun app that is great for people of all ages that want to become bilingual.


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