10 Must Have Travel Apps for Your Next Vacation

Wi-Fi Finder

Wi-Fi Finder
Wi-Fi Finder

Data roaming costs can give you a nasty post vacation shock, so it’s understandable that everyone is addicted to Wi-Fi on a vacation. When you are out of the hotel, knowing where to find a café or good Wi-Fi hotspot can be guesswork. Walking around checking for available Wi-Fi networks on your phone can be super frustrating too, but with Wi-Fi finder you will be given a map and directions to the nearest hot spot. The app services 100 countries and in a nice offline feature, they provide you with the option to download maps before you arrive at a location so you can avoid racking up unnecessary roaming costs.

Available iOS, Android and Windows Phone Free


10% is generous in one country, they’ll throw it in your face in others and in many countries tipping isn’t required at all. Figuring out how much to tip without offending the locals and looking stupid is a big part of every trip. With Tipulator you can avoid leaving the restaurant red faced by giving the exactly right amount every time. The App is a calculator that helps you to split the bill, include taxes and calculate tips without breaking a sweat. It’s not going to help you with a country tipping rate, but your hotel staff can advise you on local practices when you arrive.

Available on iOS with a different Android Version Free

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