10 Must Have Travel Apps for Your Next Vacation

Word Lens

Word Lens
Word Lens

Point your camera at foreign text and get a translation. Simple and impressive technology that is sure to wow your friends. Just think, with Word Lens and Google Googles you can be your very own our guide in any foreign city. Be warned though, this futuristic technology doesn’t come cheaply. Google acquired the app in 2014 and for a while the language packs, such as Spanish to English, were free. You can expect to pay $10 for the technology these days, but when you compare that to the cost of a local phrase book it isn’t too bad.

Available on iOS and Android Free (premium upgrade $10 and £6.99)

Better Translator Pro

This app supports more than 50 languages in a text mode and 11 through voice recognition. It’s connected to Google and Bing translate, so you are guaranteed a reasonably accurate translation. This could be very helpful if you’re meeting your girlfriends Colombian parents for the first time or lost on your way to the hotel. Just don’t expect the app to understand your punch lines or to handle a heated bartering situation at the local market.

Available on Android $2.99 and £1.95

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