10 Must Have Travel Apps for Your Next Vacation



Don’t let the name put you off, you won’t be forced to stay in a 10 person bunk room at a party hostel in downtown Oslo. The Hostelworld app pulls in available accommodation options from hostels, bed and breakfasts, motels and hotels. If you are arriving in a small Greek island, this is the perfect app to help find a lovely 3 star bed and breakfast with a view over the Mediterranean. With millions of user reviews to help you make a choice, you will seriously decrease your chances of checking into a hotel from hell.

Available on iPhone and Android Free

5 Travel Apps to Help You on the Ground

Google Goggles

How many times have you looked at a building and wanted to know more about it, so you try to eavesdrop on a tour group to get the explanation? No need to do that anymore, just point your phone’s camera at the landmark and you will get a Wikipedia explanation telling you everything you need to know. Google Goggles is an image recognition mobile app that can recognize most famous landmarks. Initially there was frustration with the limited amount of landmarks the app picked up, but the performance has been greatly improved.

Available on iOS and Android Free

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