Drones How they are changing the world you live in

Drones are a real buzz term these days. People are flying them for fun at home, filmmakers are shooting amazing movie scenes with them and the military are using them to fight wars overseas. They have developed a bad reputation in recent times for military reasons, but the unmanned aircraft have so much potential to shape the world we live in for the better. Thankfully, there are some awesome new applications for drones already in use today and some even cooler plans in development. Here is a list of the top ways drones can make a difference.


We’ve grown to expect quick delivery times for goods we buy online, but a bunch of big corporations and are looking to drones to seriously slash their delivery times down to a day, or minutes in some cases. Amazon and Dominos have been to most widely publicized companies to invest in the concept. Amazon has major plans to reinvent it’s delivery system through it’s “Prime Air” service in areas that will permit it. Dominos also shares their vision, with the pizza chain demonstrating how pizzas could be dropped to your door in minutes. DHL and Google are also involved in heavy testing in Australia and Germany, while a French company is trialing them to deliver mail and newspapers direct. If these big companies can get it past US and European lawmakers, drones arriving at your door could be happening a lot sooner than you think.

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