10 Crazy Tech Gadgets to Change Your Texting!

The eLago Stylus

Older tech fans may remember the days before true touch screen was in action. We had to use our Blackberry’s and Palm Pilots that relied on stylus pens to do their job. Then we complained long enough and got the innovative touch screen from Apple and now we’re complaining again, if you can believe it, because we want to use our old stylus’s again! Enter eLago, a specialized stylus that can clip right onto your iPhone. This stylus is specially designed with a soft tip and narrow diameter in order to keep your taps on target. The stylus itself looks classy, is light weight, while staying incredibly accurate when you are clicking away at your screen. With a one year warranty and a price tag under $10 you can’t go wrong here.

The eLago Stylus
The eLago Stylus

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