10 Crazy Tech Gadgets to Change Your Texting!

The Brolly Texting Umbrella

You might have gotten the idea from Agloves, but now you’ll really know how big of a problem the weather can be when it comes time to do things on your phone. Whether it is rain, snow, sleet, or even just a sun glare the weather outside can make reading your phone display, and using it, a pretty tough situation. Fortunately Brolly leaped in to save the day with their texting umbrella. This umbrella is, well, it isn’t exactly the height of outdoor fashion but it will keep your screen weather free and easy to see. Merely attach it to your case and get to work texting away. Once you get used to the broad coverage and clean screen it will be hard to leave it at home. Of course, you’ll still want to. I mean, it’s kind of weird to carry an umbrella around everywhere when it isn’t raining.

The Brolly Texting Umbrella
The Brolly Texting Umbrella

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