10 Crazy Tech Gadgets to Change Your Texting!

Agloves – Texting Gloves

Fashion and function collide with these specialized texting gloves built by the company AGLOVES. Agloves knows that texting in the cold can be a pain in the butt. Between your hands freezing and your screen not registering touches, texts can go sideways with a quickness. That is why these lightweight, attractive gray gloves make such a perfect gift for yourself or friends who just have to be on the phone. Affordable and efficient, Agloves works with any touch screen device and we find that they are completely capable with even the most touchy of smart phone. Unisex, hand knitted, and timeless in style — these gloves can change your text game completely.

Agloves - Texting Gloves
Agloves – Texting Gloves

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