The Fastest Cars in the World Unveiled

Ever since the first Model T Ford rolled off the production line, mankind has been racing cars to see who, and what car, is the fastest. Now there are “everyday” production cars and then there are purpose built race cars. This list contains them all. You may be surprised to learn just which type of cars are the fastest. Yes, electric cars don’t look so nerdy anymore!

Formula 1 Cars

Surprisingly, Formula 1 cars are nowhere near as fast as some of the other cars in this list when you are talking about top end speed. The advantage they have is aerodynamics and cornering ability. They are the fastest road course racing cars in the world and they can reach speeds of up to 220 mph (360 km/h). They are built to be as fast as possible around a winding track, stop quickly and corner at speed. An amazing feature of these cars is that they are all capable of going from 0 – 100 mph (160 km/h) then coming to a complete stop in less than five seconds. Although the numbers vary, one of the fastest recorded 0-60 recorded times is 1.6 seconds, though typically this is around the 2.0 second mark for most F1 vehicles.

Formula Cars
Formula Cars

Electric Cars

This is where things get interesting. Electric powered cars have always been something that you think of as sluggish, conservative and a little bit lame. Forget everything you thought you knew. These things are the new rocket ships of the road. Tesla brought battery powered high performance cars into the mainstream, but there are some scarily fast Electric Vehicles (EV’s) clocking crazy fast times around the world and they’re only getting faster.

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