The Coolest Tech Kickstarter Campaigns from 2014

Kickstarer has been the starting point for so many cool innovations over the last six years. 2014 was a big year for Kickstarter too – we saw the most funded project of all time pull in over 13 Million dollars in funding. Now we’re not just reporting on the most successful campaigns from last year here, we’re reporting on the coolest products to come out of the crowdfunding mega machine in 2014.

Lix 3D Pen

Lix 3D Pen
Lix 3D Pen

If you’re not familiar with 3D printing yet, this pen could blow your mind. The Lix Pen allows you to create and draw three dimensionally into the air. No need for paper, you just need a base then you are creating. The pen heats a plastic filament and it is charged by USB which means you can take it anywhere with you. Unlike traditional 3D printers, you won’t be able to create bowls, cups and solid objects, but it has mass appeal to designers, artists and anyone who just loves to create. The Lix 3D Pen brings the 3D world into the palm of your hand at an affordable price of around $140.

Target: £30,000

Amount Raised: £731,690

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