The Amazing Tricks Used to Build Skyscrapers

Wind Proofing

Tuned mass dampers are huge devices positioned at the top of skyscrapers to help cancel out the sway of the building. The biggest and best example of this is found at Taipei 101 (formerly the world’s tallest building, now 5th). Taiwan sits right on top of some major fault lines and also gets frequent high winds and cyclones.

Wind Proofing
Wind Proofing

The device weighs 728 ton and it is suspended between the 87th and 92 floors. The pendulum counteracts strong wind gusts and it can reduce swaying by 40 percent by moving 5 ft in any direction. It was so heavy that they had to piece it together in the building. Designers were so proud of their work that they created viewing platforms for visitors to see their handy work.

Super Fast Elevators

It might seem boring to be reading about elevators, but once you realize just how fast these things are running you might change your mind. Elevators were an essential invention that allowed skyscrapers to become a reality, and with the new extreme heights buildings are reaching there is a need for elevator speed. In elevator terms, the fastest on earth is found in Taipei. Here are the top 3 fastest elevators on earth:

Burj Khalifa — Dubai, UAE 22mph

This megatall building is 2,717 feet high and it’s double-decker elevators can carry 12-14 people at speeds of 22 mph, or 1,9685 feet/minute. At that speed it takes 1 min 22 seconds to reach the top.

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