The Amazing Tricks Used to Build Skyscrapers

To most of us, skyscrapers are crazy tall buildings that are cool to look at and have great views. But unless you’re and engineer, understanding how they build them is beyond the realm of comprehension. The term is used for buildings higher than 492 ft (150 m). Buildings above 300 m (984 ft) are Supertall and those above 600 m (1,969 ft) are termed Megatall. In the late 1900’s the first skyscraper was built – it was 10 stories high. Obviously we’ve come a long way since. There are some secrets that have made it all possible. From super fast elevators to hurricane proof designs, mankind has developed construction techniques that have literally made the sky the limit for building heights.

The Top 3 Tallest Buildings in the World

There have been arguments in the past about which building was taller, and it’s all a case of interpretation. The Sears tower (12th) and the Petronas Towers (9th) battled it out because of disagreements over measuring antenna and spires. Here is a list of the top 3 tallest buildings in the world:

Makkah Clock Royal Tower Hotel – 1,971 ft (601 m) Meca, Saudi Arabia

Built in 2012, this massive hotel is 120 stories high and boasts the world’s tallest clock.

Makkah Clock Royal Tower Hotel
Makkah Clock Royal Tower Hotel

Shanghai Tower – 2,073 ft (632 m) Shanghai, China

The Chinese megatall newcomer was completed in 2015. It has 121 floors that are used for mixed purposes.

Shanghai Tower
Shanghai Tower
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