Biggest Tech Flops of 2014

Apple iCloud & iOS 8.0.1

2014 was more positive than negative for Apple, with sales of the iPhone 6 eclipsing those of rival Samsung, however it was a year the developers would love to forget. The hugely publicized hacking of celebrities iCloud accounts lead the news. Model Kate Upton and actress Jennifer Lawrence were the hardest hit, Apple’s response was to provide more security alerts to users, but it was an embarrassing scenario for all involved. The negative press continued with the failed release of the iOS 8.0.1 for iPhone and iPad. Widely panned for causing users to be kicked off their networks and disabling touch ID sensors, Apple quickly responded with fixes and an 8.0. update – but it’s fair to say there is a level of trepidation with any new iOS update for users.

Apple iCloud & iOS 8.0.1
Apple iCloud & iOS 8.0.1

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