Biggest Tech Flops of 2014

2014 was a year that was remembered for the ILS Ice Bucket challenge and the public indiscretions of Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber. As far as memorable tech performances go the highlights of note were the iPhone 6 release and Facebook acquiring WhatsApp for $19 Billion (which turned out to be money well spent). We’re not here to dwell on the negatives, but there were some less than memorable big time tech flops from 2014 to report on too.

Smart Watches

Smart watches, who didn’t have a go this year? Everyone threw their hat into the ring and the results, to date, have been largely uninspiring – or at least as far as consumer response is concerned. Sony, Samsung, LG served up smart watches for the masses and Microsoft actually introduced a fitness band that was described as uncomfortable. So what went wrong? Is the product or the lack of demand at fault here? People consider watches fashion accessories these days, so do they actually need a second smart device? Well, 2015 will give us an answer. Once Apple walks into the market with their soon to be released Apple Watch, we will know if they are the next Google Glass or another Apple hit.

Smart Watches
Smart Watches

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