Are Robots a Threat to the Human Race

Unmanned Boats

The US Navy has recently tested a fleet of unmanned robotic boats. The boats can act in unison to achieve a task, such as flanking a high value vessel to protect it. The Navy can use up to 50 fewer crew and therefore, expose less lives to risk for certain activities. The boats can carry a variety of weapons depending on the mission.

Unmanned Boat
Unmanned Boat

The Upside of Robots

Just because robots are being used to perform more tasks in the workforce, it’s not necessarily a negative. The upside is that it elevates humans to perform higher level duties, freeing up our time from manual and repetitive jobs. Also, there will be a spike in jobs arising from more robots being used – more need to be designed and built buy humans. The only problem with this argument is if the robots take these jobs and start building themselves, then we will know for sure that we’re in a precarious position.

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