Are Robots a Threat to the Human Race

Servant Robots
This has always been everyday people’s perceived ‘upside’ to having robots, unquestioning servant bots. Well they are out there. They will follow you around, watch what you’re doing and help out around the house or at work. Aside from bringing you a cold beer on demand, there are some more serious applications though. Budgee, designed by Five Elements Robotics, is a friendly assistant that helps elderly and handicapped people with their everyday lives. Costing around $1,400, it’s a pretty fair price for an extra set of hands around the house.



Robots that sort

Warehouses and industrial workplaces rely heavily on robots. Last year Amazon installed 15,000 robots in 10 of their US warehouses. They reduce operating costs by 20% and work faster. As a worker orders a product , the robot moves around on wheels picking the order required, it’s also able to carry up to 720 pounds. Sensors allow them to detect humans and avoid obstacles.

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