The Latest Gaming Consoles- Which One Is Really Worth Your While?

Published on 03/01/2021

The gaming world has evolved tremendously and continues to evolve on the daily. Quite frankly we all know how it works- as soon as one thing is released the next is close behind, however, these changes and adjustments keep us interested and excited. With the improvement of technology and the revision of games, an update is always super exciting. The hardest aspect is figuring out which brand and console is for you, well we may not be able to make the decision but we have a little insight into the latest and greatest that may help. The two biggest contenders are and have been PlayStation and Xbox. These two brands have been the focus for decades and are only improving with time, but what is the difference between the two?

The Latest Gaming Consoles- Which One Is Really Worth Your While?

PlayStation 5

The most recent release in November of the PlayStation5 had fans and gamers going wild. The sleek design sold out in days, both the PS5 and the PS5 Digital Edition. The biggest competitor when it comes to PlayStation is Xbox. The two are rather similar the difference comes into play with regards to the games one chooses and how one wants to play them. The difference between the two is that the digital has a disc drive so that you can watch Blu-ray DVDs as well as use-used games and PS4 discs. The other features of it are the same- the graphics, storage, memory, and CPU. The PS5 will most likely have the same exclusive games as the PS4 did- God of War, Unchartered, Marvel’s Spider-Man, and The Last of Us Part II. If you plan on playing online you should discuss with your friends and get the same as Sony does not usually allow for cross-platform multiplayer playing. Some are opting to buy the opposite of what they already have to get the best of both worlds. PS was around before Xbox but Xbox is proving to have more affordable options nowadays.

Xbox Series X vs Series S

The Xbox Series X is great especially if you will be using it with a 4K TV as your graphics will be crazy good. The Xbox series S costs less because you’re getting less as it does not have a disc drive and the resolution is not as good. Both devices are compatible with a Game Pass subscription this is a major component that sets Xbox apart from Playstation, a Game Pass subscription is affordable and gives you access to over 100 games. To obtain something similar with a PlayStation will cost you a lot more. Xbox has evolved and may have not had many exclusive games when the Xbox One was released but since then they have undergone many changes and will be coming out with more exclusive games on their platform too. Xbox is at the forefront when it comes to affordability and diversity, Microsoft offers a deal where you can buy an Xbox console on a monthly subscription which is truly worth it. They are both great consoles it is about finding which one you can benefit the most from and fits your necessary needs.