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If you go back and read science fiction novels written fifty years ago you would see that some of the ‘dream technologies’ that the writers developed have become real today. Still, we don’t feel like we are living in the future. The current generation never really admires their technology until

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Koenigsegg One-1

If you look out into your driveway the odds are pretty good that you aren’t looking at a Ford McLaren F1. You probably don’t have a million dollar ride and the odds are also good you wouldn’t know what to do with it if you did. But still. Supercars get

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The iPhone is taking over the world, well, kind of. From a social and technological perspective it seems like everyone will have an iOS device at some point. That makes it pretty reasonable that the iOS application marketplace is going to be booming too. In order to help new iOS

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Kickstarer has been the starting point for so many cool innovations over the last six years. 2014 was a big year for Kickstarter too – we saw the most funded project of all time pull in over 13 Million dollars in funding. Now we’re not just reporting on the most

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Virtual Reality Headsets

The gaming industry, and gamers alike, are waiting for that next big thing to come along. That next big innovation that will transform the face of gaming as we know it. Each year the same big names roll out new iterations of existing products, and sure, these are nice, but

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Getting started is often the toughest part of any fitness regime. We all need a little assistance at times, especially when we’re training alone. Thankfully, there are loads of great health and fitness apps that can motivate and coach you towards reaching your fitness goals. We have put together a

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