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Sony Xperia Z5 Premium

If you look at how far cell phones have come in the past 10 to 15 years you can do nothing but simply be amazed. It was once the high of cell phone technology to be able to simply access the internet through paid mobile data. Now you can have

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It’s everyone’s favorite time of year, the annual vacation. We spend so much time planning and preparing for these trips, but we always seem to forget to pack something or nearly miss a flight along the way. Technology has changed the way we travel, now there are some incredibly useful

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The iPhone is taking over the world, well, kind of. From a social and technological perspective it seems like everyone will have an iOS device at some point. That makes it pretty reasonable that the iOS application marketplace is going to be booming too. In order to help new iOS

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Getting started is often the toughest part of any fitness regime. We all need a little assistance at times, especially when we’re training alone. Thankfully, there are loads of great health and fitness apps that can motivate and coach you towards reaching your fitness goals. We have put together a

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Sneak Iphone 7

2015 is going to be an exciting year for Apple and their fans. We are expecting the release of the Apple Watch, a new iPad along with the iPhone 6c, iPhone 6s and the eagerly awaited iPhone 7. Yes, all in one year people. So what can we expect, when

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